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Eliminate Clogged Drains with Greenlee Plumbing’s $329 Flat Rate Drain Cleaning Service

Greenlee Plumbing Clogged Drain Service

Do you have a clogged drain? Then call Greenlee Plumbing, your Lawrenceville drain cleaning experts. We get at the root of the problem to eliminate your clogged drains and prevent them from clogging in the future. Our Lawrenceville area drain cleaning service combines our expertise in the business with our fast and friendly service. So if you need drain cleaning, Lawrenceville has none better than Greenlee Plumbing.

How do you know if your drains need cleaning?

Here are 5 indicators that your drains need cleaning:

  • Your shower or sinks are draining very slowly.
  • The water pressure in sinks and tubs has dramatically decreased.
  • Water is backing up or overflowing sinks, toilets or tubs.
  • Your drains and toilets are emitting gurgling sounds or making bubbles.
  • A foul smell emanates from any drain or toilet.

Lawrenceville Sewer Repair …..Get Relief from your Sewer Problem Now!

Is your sewer backing up? You might need your sewer repaired. Usually the main cause of sewer problems is tree roots. Once roots have blocked a sewer line in Lawrenceville, a sewer repair is the best course of action. A Greenlee Plumbing professional will use a snake to try and get the line as clear as possible. Sooner or later the sewer line will most likely need to be replaced.

See for yourself! We know there can be some unscrupulous plumbers in Lawrenceville and a sewer repair can be a big investment.

  • We will help you deal with your sewer emergency promptly & effectively.
  • A timely solution to your sewer problem is important to us.
  • We will advise you of the cost of the job before we start!